Gourmet Mac and Cheese

The most delicious mac and cheese you’ve ever tasted. Like all of our products, Cucina Fresca Mac and Cheese dishes are all natural and carefully handmade in small batches. All varieties feature eggless penne pasta accompanied with rich, creamy sauce made with rBST-free milk, fresh cheeses, and a touch of whole creamery butter.

Sharp Cheddar
Made with 2 year aged white cheddar
Smoked Gruyere
Made with aged Gruyere, Swiss and Fontina, and a touch of lightly smoked Spanish paprika
Tangy Gorgonzola
Made with a mellow Gorgonzola cheese blended with Fontina and a tangy bleu cheese.
Creamy Fontina
Made with a blend of Fontina, aged Asiago and imported Parmesan cheeses